Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I find a distance-learning package for the language I’m learning?

We do not provide distance-learning packages (at least at present). A distance-learning package implies: a term or terms of study with specified start and end dates; registration and the payment of fees; person-to-person tuition via an instant messenging service (or similar); summative and formative assessments (homework, exams etc); and so on and so forth. Rather we are providing here access to a body of materials that is permanently available to support learners whether they are following a course of study or not.

That said, we are currently pursuing the possibility of commissioning and making available self-study courses in languages that are poorly supported by publishing markets. Such courses are identical to distance-learning packages but lack direct tutorial support, are limited in the degree to which they provide feedback, and provide no summative assessment (marked coursework and exams). The first language we are seeking to support in this manner is Pashto.