Frequently Asked Questions


I click on a link, and it doesn’t work. Why?

This could be for one of three reasons.

  1. The link could be broken. Let us know and we’ll attend to it.
  2. If a media player or plug-in starts, but appears to refuse to play the content, then the media content has possibly become corrupt, as can sometimes happen in the context of networked storage. You may be able to overcome the problem by downloading the content to your desktop and playing it from there. In any case, do let us know about it and we will replace the corrupted media.
  3. Lastly, it could be that you don’t have installed client software which would enable you to listen to/view the linked material. Depending on your computer platform, some combination of Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VLC client, and Adobe Acrobat Reader should be sufficient to play all the media types you will come across here.